Alfa Romeo F1 Team Secures $100M Sponsorship from Crypto Casino

• Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake has secured a $100 million sponsorship from crypto casino
• The new year has seen renewed optimism in the crypto market, which has spurred an increase in crypto-related sponsorships
• Stake has a growing list of partnerships, including a deal with Everon football club and a collaboration with the rapper Drake for a Bitcoin giveaway

The crypto gambling platform based in Australia,, has recently entered a partnership with the Alfa Romeo Racing team worth $100 million USD. This marks one of the first and biggest sponsorships since the catastrophic collapse of FTX exchange last year, which was known for its high-level and wide-reaching sponsorships.

The new year has brought optimism to the markets following a year-long period that saw prices tanking across the board. The price of Bitcoin has now rallied up around 40% year-to-date, and on-chain data increasingly suggests that the worst may be over. This resurgence in the crypto market, particularly with the rally of Bitcoin, has seemingly led to an increased interest in crypto-related sponsorships again.

As part of the partnership agreement with Stake, the racing team will adopt a new name, “Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake” and it will be a long-term collaboration, as per the official statement. According to Bijan Tehrani, co-founder of, the partnership with Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake will expand opportunities for fan engagement through brand integration and activation. He also stated that the company is dedicated to improving race weekends by providing unique experiences for fans and increasing engagement in the digital space.

Crypto casino Stake has a growing list of partnerships, as the company has previously signed a deal with Everon football club, which was considered one of the most valuable sponsorship agreements in the team’s history. Additionally, it also collaborated with the rapper Drake for a Bitcoin giveaway.

This latest partnership between Stake and Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake serves as a testament to the increasing presence of cryptocurrency in the sports industry. With crypto adoption continuing to grow, it is safe to say that crypto-related sponsorships will become more commonplace in the near future. Moreover, this partnership will also bring more awareness to the crypto space and help to further legitimize cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

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