storm history

Images of damage in Lerwick from the Shetland Museum archive


The ruined croft (gable facing camera) of Clave at Aith Wick, Cunningsburgh HU 444 298. This croft was abandoned after being swamped by three giant waves in the great gale of February 16th 1900.

Storm of February 16th 1900

Significance: a major storm in the northern North Sea affected the southeast coast of Shetland

"After a week of gales the wind rose to hurricane force and thousands of pounds worth of damage was done in Lerwick alone. The sea breached the Esplanade and part of the road was carried away. At Sumburgh the enclosures at the lighthouse were breached and the area of boulders at Grutness was also moved due to the enormous seas sweeping over the land. Five ships were lost and many men drowned in the most violent storm Shetland has ever known."