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This site is concerned with the geology and landscapes of the Shetland Isles. A great deal of material is available that deals with the natural history of the islands but the level of awareness concerning the geology and geomorphology is often limited. There is so much that we know about the origins of this classic landscape that is locked away in academic publications.. A very good introduction is provided by the SNH/BGS booklet on the Orkney and Shetland in the Landscapes Fashioned by Geology series ISBN 1 85397 220 7. For the specialist, the Quaternary Research Association Field Guide is a must-have.

The site has been developed jointly by Adrian Hall and Allen Fraser. Images of Foula were kindly provided by Andy Gear. Initially, the content is at an introductory level but it is intended to extend and deepen the content through time. Comments about content are welcome and offers of new or improved content are doubly so. For example, the mineral resources of Shetland are barely covered here. Offers should be directed to

The Shetland Amenity Trust gave an Environmental Award to this site in December 2004. The panel of judges "was very impressed by this web site. The huge amount of information is extremely well-presented with some stunning imagery. It is a site which is invaluable to any student but also is very easy to read for the casual browser"

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Hall, Adrian and Fraser, Allen Shetland Landscapes [online] [Edinburgh, Scotland] August 2004, updated as per date above

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AMH wishes to thanks the Carnegie Trust for the University of Scotland for support for fieldwork on Shetland.