dwarfie hamars


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Significance: the site of a former small corrie glacier on Hoy

Flaga is a small recess cut into the NE side of Cuilags described by Sutherland in Hall (1996).  There are no rock faces developed in the corrie but it has a clear lip that separates it from the valley below. Near the valley bottom at an altitude of about 120 m there is a vegetated bedrock ridge that trends NNW-SSE.  From the top of this ridge extending farther to the SSE there is a slightly arcuate drift ridge about 150 m long and 2-3 m high on its outer margin.  To the north-west there is another smaller ridge somewhat higher on the slope.  Together these ridges appear to form a gentle arc across the valley side below the corrie lip. The disposition of the ridges suggests deposition by a small glacier that flowed out from Flaga corrie.  It is presumed that such a glacier would have been coeval with the ones that deposited the much clearer moraines in Enegars corrie and at Dwarfie Hamars.