Millerosteus minor (Miller)


If this fish was not found at only the top of the Mey Subgroup it would have been described as a juvenile Coccosteus cuspidatus. However, the fish does not become any larger than 15-20 cm, while Coccosteus cuspidatus can reach lengths of 40-50 cm. All sizes are known from the very small of up to 20 cm in total length. Also, this fish has tiny tooth like structures on it lower jaw. Perhaps it preyed on the acanthodian Mesacanthus or small invertebrates.

Complete fish with tail

Complete fish, wanting the tail, weathered

Complete fish, weathered

Head and body in dorsal view

Close up of head

Body in ventral view

Median-dorsal plate, external view

Nuchal pate, external view

Nuchal pate, internal view

Most probably juvenile specimen

Disarticulated fish from Orkney (collection F.V.C.)

Reconstruction in lateral view (after Desmond, 1974 )

Reconstruction in dorsal view (after Desmond, 1974 )

Reconstruction in dorsal view (after Desmond, 1974 )

Reconstuction in ventral view (after Desmond, 1974 )

Reconstruction of nuchal plate, external and internal view (after Desmond, 1974 )