Gyroptychius agassizi (Traill)


This osteolepid fish was the largest of its kind in the Sandwick Fish Bed sediments. Its almost symmetrical tail and fin position make it easy to distinguish from the other osteolepids.

Normally in the Sandwick Fish Bed this fish is found 1 in every 10 in number compared with Osteolepis. It probably preyed on everything small enough to be swallowed whole. It is found in the Sandwick Fish Bed only.

Complete fish in lateral view, Sandwick Fish Bed

Close up of tail of above specimen

Close up of head of above specimen

Specimen in ventral view (collection F.V.C.)

Close up of tail of specimen in ventral view

Fish in ventro-lateral view (collection F.V.C.)

Head in dorsal view

Parietal shield or fronto-ethmoidal shield

Parietal and postparietal shield with extrascapulars

Reconstruction in A: lateral and B:dorsal view (after Jarvik, 1948 )

Reconstruction of the head in A: lateral view, B: dorsal view, C: ventral view (after Jarvik, 1948 )

Reconstruction (after Pander, 1860)

Reconstruction of tail (after Traquair, 1895)