Cheiracanthus latus Egerton


This small to medium sized acanthodian is less common in the Sandwick Fish Bed compared with Cheiracanthus murchisoni. We do not have any indication that the fish also occurs in sediments above the Sandwick Fish Bed but it may exist. The spines are tiny and not well inserted into the body.

They were slender fishes and eaten often by the bigger predators in the lake.

The crown of the scale has some big ribs and a few smaller ones. Cheiracanthus murchisoni has only smaller ribs on the anterior side of the scale.

No good samples of a fish from the Sandwick Fish Bed are known.

Specimen from the Moray Firth

Specimen from the Moray Firth

Reconstruction (after Watson, 1937 )

Drawing of specimen (after Egerton, 1861)