Asterolepis orcadensis Watson ex Traquair MS         


This medium sized antiarch is so rare that we only had a head from the collection of the British Geological Survey to show here. It is found in the Rousay Flagstone Formation and probably also in the top of the Upper Stromness Flagstone Formation.

The morphology looks much like Pterichthyodes milleri and probably also lived in the same habitat.

Complete fish part and counterpart, length 25 cm (collection N.M.S.)

Close up of the above fish, in dorsal view, dermal plates removed(collection N.M.S.)

Negative after removal of the dermal plates and cast made using the negative

Head (after Mykura,1976, BGS (c) NERC. All Rights Reserved, IPR/76-13)

.Reconstruction of specimen (after Watson, 1931 )