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Tors elsewhere in NE Scotland

Theories of tor formation

In Britain, the origin of tors traditionally has been viewed in the light of two contrasting theories:

A. Linton (1955): two-stage model, with deep chemical weathering prior to the Ice Age and then removal of the products of weathering by mass movement under periglacial conditions during the Ice Age

B. Palmer and Nielsen (1963): one-stage model, with formation of tors within the Ice Age due to a combination of frost-riving and mass movement under periglacial conditions.

                        Linton (1955)                         Palmer and Nielsen (1963)

Both theories acknowledge the primacy of joint control over tor location and morphology. The theories and supporting  evidence are described in more detail below:

The Cairngorm tors have evolved in ways which are distinct from both models. Many Cairngorm tors have also been modified or destroyed by the movement and erosion of glaciers.