erosion surfaces    Clach Bun Rudhtair




deep weathering

preglacial drainage

Beinn Mheadhoin                 

Tor papers

Tor age              Glacial modification

Tors in glaciated lands

Clach na Gnuis - a 3D view of a wonderful natural sculpture in Photosyth.


Definition: a small rock hill produced by differential weathering and erosion

Granite tors are a striking element of the Cairngorm scenery. They are amongst the most impressive in Britain, with the largest summit tors rising over 15 m above their surroundings. There is an intriguing variety of form that reflects structural controls and long-term weathering and erosion.

The tors of the Cairngorms are not as well known as their counterparts in southwest England. Many questions remain about their characteristics, age and origin, including: