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  Glacial Modification

  Periglacial Modification

Other tors in NE Scotland 

Paper on glacial modification of tors

All these blocks can be traced back to parent tors. The original right way up of the blocks is indicated by weathering pits.









Some tors made of relatively small blocks have been over-ridden by glacier ice and stripped of blocks, giving a stream or fan of blocks in a down-ice direction




Others tors show an obvious loss of jointed summit blocks. The glacially-exposed surface tends to show less weathering than the original tor surfaces




Advanced glacial modification leads to the progressive  conversion of tors into roches moutonnées, as on the N ridge of Beinn Mheadhoin

Glacial modification of  tors: lines of evidence

There is a range of evidence that many Cairngorm tors have been disturbed, modified and even destroyed by the passage of ice. This allows a sequence of progressive glacial modification to be established.

Glacial transport of tor blocks

Glacial boulder trains

Removal of tor superstructure