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Tomintoul Old Red Sandstone

Upper Glen Tromie - Moine psammites

Country Rocks

The Cairngorm Granite has been intruded into metamorphic rocks belonging to two groups: the Moine and the Dalradian (Johnstone, 1981).

  • Moine rocks are former sandstones, now metamorphosed into quartz-feldspar-granulites. This groups tends to be pale grey, brown or pink in colour. The rocks are layered or flaggy, reflecting both the original bedding in the sediment and a banding from later metamorphic minerals
  • Dalradian rocks are younger and more varied. They include quartzites, mica schists, black schists and marbles. The mica schists and black schists are often fissile, with a marked schistosity resulting from the parallel alignment of platy mica crystals.

Metamorphism dates from around 500 Myr when the original sediments were buried at depths of 5-20 km beneath the ancient Caledonian mountain range.