This simple geomorphological map was compiled by Eilidh Hall as part of an A Level geography project. It shows a sequence of moraine ridges formed as the ice retreated down valley. A lobe of ice from the main ice mass in Strath Nethy dammed the valley of the Allt Bheadhair and a series of small ice-marginal lakes developed.









Minor readvances across these lake floors left faulted and folded sands and gravels which are well exposed in stream sections through the moraine ridges.







A typical moraine ridge in the lower part of the valley. Note the asymmetry of the drift ridge, indicating ice-pushing in from Strath Nethy (on the right). The ridge has a complex form with multiple ridges, hummocks and channels

Allt Bheadhair

Significance: an outstanding sequence of moraine ridges, each formed as the margin of Strath Spey ice pushed forward across earlier ice-dammed lake sediments