raised platforms


Basalt dyke at Long Craig, Port Seton. The dyke stands 1-2 m above the surrounding platform.

Key sites


Chapel Point

The Gegan









The Vaults, Dunbar. Stumps and raised platform remnants capped by raised beach deposits

Shore platforms: rates of erosion

Most studies of rates of shore platform lowering rely on short-term measurements from micro-erosion metres. Typical rates are high, of the order of 1 mm/yr.

On the East Lothian coast, no micro-erosion studies have been carried out. The shoreline does have however unusual possibilities for estimating longer term rates of erosion by reference to the datum provided by the raised shore platform beneath the Main Postglacial Beach. Although the abandonment of this shoreline is not closely dated, it probably took place after 5500 BP. Since that time parts of the shore platform have been lowered by 1-2 m, giving minimum rates of lowering of 0.18-0.36 mm/yr.