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Tyninghame - big sky over a ploughed plain. Raised estuarine mud flats

About this site

Cocklaw - sky over spur with sheep. The first green flush of spring from russet Devonian soils

This site is concerned with the physical landscapes of East Lothian. A very good field guide is available to the solid geology:

Lothian Geology An Excursion Guide ISBN 0-9044-4006-0.

The landforms are less known, partly because many of the insightful papers and articles by Dr Brian Sissons date from the 1960s and are now quite difficult to access.

This site has been developed by Dr Adrian Hall. Comments about content are welcome and offers of new or improved content are doubly so. Offers should be directed to The geology certainly needs a champion.

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Hall, Adrian East Lothian Landscapes [online] [Edinburgh, Scotland] July 2007, updated as per date below

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