Wag (ND 026246)

Significance: a rare exposure of a Lateglacial peat resting on till and overlain by periglacial slope deposits

This section on the Langwell Water shows a well-developed peat layer which has given a radiocarbon date of 11540 50 yr, indicating peat accumulation during the Windermere Interstadial. The pollen record indicates a vegetation dominated by grasses and sedges, with a small representation of cold-tolerant species, including Artemisia, Koenigia islandica and Rumex acetosa.

The peat rests on till, mottled to a depth of ~1 m and with a clear iron pan - features indicating that a soil developed before and during the time of peat formation. The underlying till has many granulite clasts and is typical of the inland till hereabouts. The overlying material is also a good example of the cover of soliflucted till to be found capping many sections along the Langwell Water.