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About this site

This site is concerned with the physical landscapes of Caithness. A great deal of material is available that deals with the natural history of the county but the level of awareness concerning the geology and geomorphology is often limited. There is so much that we know and do not know about the origins of this classic landscape. For the specialist, the Field Guide is a must-have. The Bulletins of the Caithness Field Club are an important source of local information and the Memoir remains a mine of useful observations.

The site has been developed by Dr Adrian Hall. Initially, the content will be at an introductory level but it is intended to extend and deepen the content through time. Comments about content are welcome and offers of new or improved content are doubly so. Offers should be directed to

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Hall, Adrian Caithness Landscapes [online] [Edinburgh, Scotland] January 2006, updated as per date above

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AMH wishes to thanks the Carnegie Trust for the University of Scotland for support for fieldwork in Caithness.